RAPALA DEEP TAIL DANCER TDD 9 cm OCW (Orange Tiger) color

  • $17.99

OCW colour on this Deep Tail Dancer size 9 cm. Estonian release. All the lures are new in box, perfect condition. Shipping is 6.99 USD and we do combine shipping.

The Deep Tail Dancer® features an enlarged, extreme diving lip that plummets the lure as deep as 12 meters unassisted. The banana-style body swims with a wide tail, dancing action that can only be created with balsa. Cast it or troll it deep for a large number of species worldwide.

Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Hooks
TDD07 4.5 m 7 cm 9 g Two No. 5
TDD09 6 m 9 cm 13 g Two No. 3
TDD11 9 m 11 cm 22 g Two No. 3